Sunday, November 24, 2013


Feel free to listen to the above clip of Dmitri Shostakovich’s Ballet Suite No. 4.  I wouldn’t typically include a YouTube source that doesn’t name the performing orchestra, but this recording was by far the best I could find on YouTube so kudos to whoever performed this.

This is my favorite piece of all time.  I’ve always assumed that I’d change my mind, but after a decade at the top of my list it’s yet to be dethroned.

On to the actual post...

How intimidating to be writing the first post on my blog dedicated to my writings of the m/m romance persuasion!  I’d like to just write a short post introducing myself, my writing, my blog, and to drop as many shameless plugs for the Christmas Delights Anthology, available for download on December 1st, which will include my short story Two for Hooking.

A little about me:

Currently I am pursuing a doctorate of musical arts in music composition at Arizona State University.  Writing music is my greatest love and passion.  It seems fitting that writing fiction would be my second.  Generally my music tells a story even if sometimes quite abstractly.  So really it’s not so big of a leap to go from symphonies to stories.

My third passion (it’s a tight race) would be hockey.  So it’s not surprising that I’d have multiple musical compositions about the sport.  Likewise my short story Two For Hooking (appearing in the Christmas Delights Anthology, available for download on December 1st) tells the tale of a hockey player and a prostitute spending an evening together desperately trying to have sex.  But the world keeps getting in the way.

A little about the blog:

This blog is fresh, so I can’t really be sure what it’ll encompass.  I plan to post random things, daily if possible.  I was thinking book, movie, and music reviews, mostly centered around LGBT things.  I’d like to include a piece of music with each post, so that you can have something nice to listen to while you read, maybe I’ll even include a blurb so I can show off that I read about the piece on Wikipedia at some point during my education.

I will write stories no matter what.  This is something I’ve come to terms with.  Even without an excuse I find myself writing, from fanfiction, to original stories, to opera libretti, I just can’t shut up about my men.  So when the opportunity to submit a story for RJ Scott’s Anthology (Christmas Delights, available for download on December 1st) presented itself, I thought this is it. 

Who knows what will happen?  I could fall flat on my face.  I’d be used to it... I am a music major after all, it’s like majoring in rejection.  But I figured it’s something I love to do.  And maybe somewhere out there is an avid reader of m/m romance obsessed with hockey stories of sexy men falling in love and finding their happily-ever-afters (usually with a few gaps in their happily-ever-after smiles).

Keep an eye out for future news and posts on this blog! 

With love and sexy body checks,


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  1. I enjoyed "Two for Hooking" I am impressed by the hockey universe you created before writing this story. I learned to watch hockey at the college level, only a little fighting. You have inspired me to check out local college teams.

    Thank you for sharing, on each blog post, the music you enjoy. I hope that in the future, we can hear some of your music and not just read your words. If your storytelling in music is as good as in your words, it will provide enjoyment as well.

    Thank you.